Twitter for Authors – Part 1: Why You Should Tweet

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As an author, you’re always looking for ways to promote yourself and your book. Twitter is an effective tool for you to use as you market, connect, and try to sell your book. Although often referred to as a social networking site, Twitter is also used as a broadcast medium. Connections between users are great, but it is also important to simply join the voices and provide your fans and followers with updates, thoughts, and links, regardless of the interaction it may or may not lead to. Engage with fans, hold live Q&As, find other relevant accounts with which to engage, and update followers with author and book-related happenings, such as events, releases, and sales.

Perhaps the thought of adding another social media platform to your routine is overwhelming, but with scheduling tools like Hootsuite, posting across multiple platforms is easy. If you don’t have an online presence for you or your book yet, Twitter is one of the places you should start – and you should start. Through online outlets, you can target ministries, foundations, online publications, and other authors and readers that are related to the topic and purpose of your book. By creating a presence for you and your book on sites like Twitter and Facebook, your readers can easily know what is going on, helping you build community and loyalty and create new customers.

Already blogging, but don’t know how to get more traffic? Use quick excerpts from blog posts and links to the full posts to reach and engage more readers by using hashtags. Even if you have subscribers that receive email updates from your blog, it’s helpful to meet your fans on multiple platforms – the more they see things about your new post, the more likely they are to remember to view it. Think about commercials that you see on TV or ads on the internet. You might not pay attention to them the first time, but when the same ad keeps popping up on different webpages or during different shows, you start to pay attention.

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