7 Things Authors Should Be Doing On Facebook

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for professionals and creatives. This includes authors, as well. Much like other social network sites, Facebook has evolved into a useful tool which individuals, companies, and professionals of all kinds use to develop and maintain their online presence. Whether you have been using Facebook to connect with friends and family or you’re in the camp that doesn’t understand all the hype, it can be incredibly beneficial to create a presence on Facebook for both yourself and your product.

So it’s important to be on Facebook…but what does that really mean? It means creating a profile for yourself, posting relevant content for your followers, and trying to grow a “following.” Below are seven things authors should do on Facebook:

  1. Create an Author Profile Page. Create a page for people to “like” and keep up with your latest news. It’s imperative to post content that is relevant, engaging, and visually appealing on a daily basis (if possible). Share links from other authors, books, foundations, etc. Post photos and videos, quotes and excerpts, and links to your blog posts or any other related online presence. Be sure to share your achievements, successes, and upcoming events with your friends and fans!
  2. Create a Book Page. Create a book page for people to “like” and where people can keep up with news on you and your book. If you only have one book and do not plan to publish more, or you have multiple books that span different genres or audiences, consider skipping #1. Posting can be similar to your Author Page, but be sure to focus on the specific book being promoted. Offer excerpts from the book, provide information and tips, and share links to relevant resources.
  3. Use the power of networking and word of mouth. Ask your friends and family to “like” your page(s) and recommend it to their friends. There are many ways to invite, share, and suggest pages to friends. They are all are excellent forms of viral marketing that will help build your fans and followers.
  4. Search for related pages and people. When you were writing your book, were there any other books, authors, places, organizations, etc. that helped or inspired you? Search for, and connect with, these pages and profiles. Where is your target audience congregating online? Join the appropriate groups and chime in on their conversations—establish yourself as an expert.
  5. Advertise for more engagement. Although promoting your book(s) on Facebook is free, advertising for more direct engagement can yield a greater response. Consider the options and create an advertisement targeted to your ideal fan.
  6. Share excerpts from your book. Let potential readers sample your book’s content. Spark their interest and grab their attention with an informative highlight, and you will gain new readers that may have otherwise glanced over your cover or title.
  7. Post events. Whether you’re having a physical event such as, a book-signing, speaking engagement, or library tour, or hosting a virtual release of a book announcement, sharing new videos, or interviews, use Facebook’s “event” feature to promote it.

These are all great tips to get you started on Facebook, as you grow your following and build an online presence for yourself and your book(s). Yet there are many other avenues and things you can try. Do your own research by observing what other authors are doing and asking questions. You’ll be one step closer to impacting many through social media!



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