10 Commandments of Book Marketing

This article is by Rob Eagar.

Behold, the 10 commandments of book marketing for authors and publishers. Are you breaking any?

Thou shalt:

1. Tell people about the results your books create, not just the topics you write about.

2. Test your manuscript on focus groups and get actual success stories before you publish your book.

3. Avoid coveting another author’s Facebook friends, Twitter followers, or Amazon ranking.

4. Honor your website visitors by letting them test-drive your books’ content and expertise.

5. Maintain a growing database of leaders and send them regular value-laden newsletters.

6. Remember the Sabbath and carve out breaks in your schedule to rest your mind and soul.

7. Show your contact information on all marketing materials – or lightning may strike you.

8. Avoid false humility. Don’t be afraid to tell people about your book when you know it can help them.

9. Abstain from idolizing your book. Think bigger and multiply it into spin-off products, such as audio, video, speaking, coaching, screenplays, etc.

10. Refrain from calling your publisher or publicist the Devil when they make mistakes. You are ultimately responsible for your success.


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