14 Ways to Book More Speaking Engagements


While some writers cringe at the thought of public speaking, some authors speak as effortlessly and effectively as they write. Just because the words flow, though, doesn’t mean the speaking engagements do. Whether you’re just getting started or are an established local speaker looking to expand your booking radius, there are lots of resources for you to use in your search to be heard.

Here are 14 tips to booking more speaking engagements…

  1. Target industry associations
    Scour your network of friends and acquaintances for any connections to organizations or events that you could approach.
  2. Become a consultant or mentor
    Consider approaching ministries, churches, private schools, etc. to be a mentor for teachers, coach for students, consultant for staff, guest speaker at a meeting, etc.
  3. Find local service clubs
    Many clubs and organizations are in need of content to fill their weekly meetings. These gigs may not be for pay, but can definitely get you in front of new audiences and into different areas.
  4. Partner with universities and colleges
    Team up with a professor, department head, or student to create a forum or to hold a seminar. You can even just be a guest speaker for a class. While people from the community can attend, too, students and staff of the school will be in attendance.
  5. Search for special interest clubs
    If you search for, and start engaging with, clubs, blogs, groups, etc. that fit a certain niche, you will establish yourself even more as an expert and professional. Being personally engaged can lead to pitching for speaking engagements.
  6. Check the event pages of business publications
    Find the periodical events pages and contact the organizations that are listed with presentations related to your topic and pitch them your own proposal.
  7. Make connections on LinkedIn
    Create an account, connect, and interact with other business professionals, speakers and organization leaders. Check out where other people have spoken, and contact those places yourself.
  8. Collaborate with like-minded/related speakers
    Research where other authors and speakers are getting connected, and ask if they want to collaborate or swap stories. If you’re in the same city, grab a coffee with them or stick to email and video chat. 
  9. Search speaker directories online
    Create profiles on sites like Speaker Services and Speaker Zone
  10. Use online conference & event databases
    Take advantage of the research that others have already done by using these online databases:
  11. Search for writer conferences & book fairs
    As a successful writer and a talented speaker, you’re in a great position to encourage other authors. Search for writer retreats, fairs, and conferences that may be happening in your area or the areas you’re trying to reach.
  12. Contact libraries, bookstores, & book clubs
    Consider doing a library tour, bookstore signings, and book club meet-ups to not only build your following and boost sales, but to personally engage with your current fans.
  13. Use keywords to search the internet
    Come up with a list of keywords and phrases that are related to your topic. Type them, one by one, into a search engine with “speakers wanted.”
  14. Do your own research
    Don’t stop at the end of this article. Keep researching for ways to find, land, and multiply your number of speaking engagements!

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