Featured by Christian Small Publishers Association

Certa Publishing was recently featured in the Christian Small Publishers Association newsletter.

Have you ever had a dream, but never truly believed it could become a reality? Did God call you to do something, yet others told you it couldn’t be done?

This is the story behind Certa Publishing and its founder and CEO, Jennifer Smothers. After working in the Christian book-publishing industry for many years and helping to develop a well-known self-publishing company, Jennifer felt called by God to start her own book publishing company. When the doors to this very opportunity were opened, Jennifer jumped in with both feet.

“Certa” is Latin for reliable and faithful. The name was specifically chosen to reflect God’s assurance to His people. For this reason, from its inception, Jennifer understood Certa would be held to a higher standard than other selfpublishing companies. Certa’s mission is to only publish kingdom-minded books, ones that would positively impact God’s people—bringing healing, restoration, and salvation. Each manuscript submission is carefully evaluated to determine if they meet Certa’s high standards—or those standards that would serve to honor God. Certa is adamant about not publishing books that contradict the Word of God.

Since opening its doors in March of 2014, Certa Publishing has published over 45 titles, with several more currently in production. Certa has been blessed with incredible authors, who earnestly strive to serve God with all of their hearts. With a staff that also desires to glorify God, the publishing process becomes a true labor of love for both staff and author. With Certa, authors acquire professional guidance, lasting relationships, and a professional, marketable end product. But the author gets even more than they ever anticipated—a team who celebrates each victory with them every step of the way! For Certa, it’s all about expanding the kingdom of God and this will continue be the driving force that propels the company in the years to come!

Certa Publishing can be found online at www.CertaPublishing.com


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