What to Blog About as a Fiction Author – 9 Ideas

While the internet holds a slew of advice and tips for writers, most of the advice about blogging is geared towards non-fiction writers. Some of the tips can be carried across genres, but fiction authors definitely have a harder task set before them when it comes to blogging. While it’s hard to blog consistently about fiction books, it isn’t impossible!

Try out these 9 tips for blogging as a fiction writer…

1. Review other books
Choose books that are either from the same genre as yours or related to your book in a particular way such as the setting, time period, themes, etc. If applicable, contact the author to share your review post by reblogging, giving a shout-out, sharing on Facebook, etc.

2. Blog as one of your characters
Write blog posts using the voice of your protagonist. Have your protagonist share his or her perspective. Have a supporting character share a story not found in your book. Be sure to set up the context of your book so viewers who haven’t read the book understand who the characters are.

3. Ask your readers to promote your book
When you ask your fans to post pictures, statuses, or blog posts of their own (related to your book), you then have the opportunity to repost and quote them. The incentive of being featured on an author’s blog is often enough to get people posting. Some ideas: Ask them to post a picture of your book cover in different places. Ask them to write about a part of the book that they felt they could relate to—with their permission, turn it into a feature story for your own blog.

4. Discuss trends happening in the genre
Talk about what’s going on in your genre. What has changed or what is changing? How does your book fit in or stand out?

5. Answer questions
What do your readers care about? Offer to answer questions about characters or places. Share aspects of your writing process. Include snippets that didn’t make it into the final publication.

6. Explore your next novel
If you have something else in the works, share certain things with your fans, and let people weigh-in with their own ideas or opinions.

7. Feature other blogs
Find and follow the blogs of other authors and review sites. Ask them to review your book on their sites in return for your review of theirs.

8. Start a contest or award
Run a contest asking readers to write an alternate ending, write a scene from a different character’s perspective, take photos related to the book, etc.

9. Write more fiction
Whether you prefer short stories, novels, poems, personal essays, or something else, one of the best ways to get your current work read is to write more. Try to get published in literary journals (link to article) or simply publish it on your own blog. Either way, share your successes along the way with your blog subscribers and readers!

Do you have any tips or success stories? What works for you? Tell us in the comments!


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