Don’t Think About Your Readers…at least at the start

When you’re starting to work on your first draft, don’t think about who will read your book. Especially at the onset of your writing process, it’s important NOT to focus on how many people will discover, be hooked by and ultimately, purchase your book. Every time you sit down to write, tell yourself that no one will read your book. While this is far from the truth, don’t use sales as a motivation for your writing. After your thoughts are put down on paper in the first draft, then you should consider your readers and how they will best understand your work.

When you sit down to create another chapter, plot twist, list of bullet points, or page of dialogue, you should be thinking about the story, not the reader. What the reader will or will not like isn’t relevant to your book’s beginning development. Don’t submit to common expectations, but be bold and unprecedented. Be detailed and subtle. Be predictable and heartwarming. Do whatever your characters and story require of you, not what potential readers demand.

The only obligation you have is to get the story, insight, and overall message, which is inside of you, out into the open for the world to experience as well. Commit yourself to your calling and your craft, and you will produce something far better than what your readers could have even thought to ask for.

As you sit down to write and finish your first draft, don’t find your motivation in the reader’s expectations or demands, but rather in the reader’s unspoken, and often unrealized, needs. Find your inspiration to write in the very content that you’re creating and its potential impact.


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