The Gift Guide for Book Lovers – PART 1 – 11 Holiday DIY Projects

holiday gift guide for book lovers

Part 1   |   11  Holiday  DIY  Projects  for  Book  Lovers

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed book lover or you have a book enthusiast on your Christmas shopping list, look no further! We’ve compiled a guide to our favorite book-themed presents and holiday decor. Part 1 focuses on the Do-It-Yourself lovers. So minimize Pinterest and check out these unique gifts that are just as fun to make as they are to give!

1. Book Page Ornaments


You can make these for your tree, string them together to make a garland, or give them as gifts!

2. Book Trees

3. Book Wreath – made festive with ornaments!


4. Custom, Handmade Stationary from Old Book Pages

View the Tutorial HERE

This gift is even better if your book lover not only loves reading, but writing, too!

5. Book Page Art

There are tons of Etsy shops that sell these prints on vintage book pages, but they’re also fun to make yourself! + If you are an artist, you could make these even more unique and meaningful.

6. Book Page Coasters


We’d be crazy to pretend that reading doesn’t go hand-in-hand with drinking your hot beverage of choice – and these coasters are a great way to be reminded of your favorite books.

7. Old Book? …Secret Box!

8. Book Candleholders

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as reading with a candle or two lit nearby, and these book page candle holders make it an even better scenario!

9. Book Page ubble Magnets

Not only is this a fun way to spruce up someone’s fridge or message board, but with a slight variation, you can make these into pins to put on Christmas stockings.

10. Tiny Books Necklace

11. Gift Tags


What better way to personalize your Christmas gifts than with words (or pictures) from a page?

Check out Part 2 of our Gift Guide for Book Lovers!

Did we miss anything? Comment below with your favorite gifts for bookworms!


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