Writing Prompt: An hour as your 10 year old self

We love this writing prompt from Death to Stock. Write your own response!


If you could spend 1 hour as your 10-year-old self… where would you go? What would you do?

Let’s say time travel existed, or you suddenly had the ability to revisit who you once were… as a 10 year old.

To be clear: this would not mean you’d be an adult in a 10 year old’s body. You’d actually traveling back in time to the body & mind you had as a kid.

There’s just one catch. You can only spend an hour there. After that, you can’t go back.

Where would you go?

Back to your childhood playroom?

To your particularly awesome 10th birthday party?

To Disneyworld?

What would you do?

Play an old game you used to love?

Hug your mom/dad?

Run through the sprinklers on a summer day?

Think about it. Write about it. Then… maybe go run through some sprinklers.

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