10 Essentials for Your Author Website: Part 2


Are you struggling with how to build or update your author website? Whether you feel like your website is ineffective, outdated, or simply nonexistent, this article is for you.

Your author website must be a connecting point with your fans, a source of valuable information, a portal for communication, and always dynamic.

Simply put: more website visits translate into more books sold. 

So why wouldn’t you develop an effective, professional hub for your online presence and interactions?

Check out the final 5 essential elements of an author website. Did you miss the first 5 in Part 1? Find it here.

  1. Connect your social media

It’s important to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find and follow you on social media.

  • Add links to your relevant social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Goodreads, etc.) profiles on your Home page, About page, and Contact page.
  • Simply ask people to follow or like you.
  • Add a sharing plugin to each page on your site.
  • Next, be sure to consistently share content on your social media accounts that’s valuable and interesting. This will keep people engaged.

 “Optimizing social media requires you to focus on creating content that is unique, engaging and shareable.”

  1. Create a page for your books

Include a high quality image of your book cover, a concise synopsis, and purchase details with links. Make the Book Page obvious and easy to find for your readers.

  • If possible, have a media kit created for each book. (Don’t know what this is? Keep reading!)
  • Another option, in addition to creating a Book Page on your website, is to create a separate book website or landing page.
  1. Have an Author Blog

Websites with blogs get a significantly higher percentage of traffic than websites without blogs. A blog creates fresh, valuable pages of content perfect for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you want to be seen by more people, bring potential buyers to your site, and prove your credibility as an authority on your topic, a blog is a necessity!

  • Intrigue your readers (both new and old) with exclusive content such as unpublished passages, the inside scoop, behind the scenes photos, sample chapters, etc.
  • Take advantage of this platform to network with your peers, recommend other authors, and review books similar/related to your own.
  • Use the comment section of each blog post to engage with your readers.
  • A blog is the perfect way to keep readers naturally coming back for more.
  1. Don’t forget an Upcoming Events page

Include a section on your site to inform your visitors of your latest news and any upcoming events.

  • Post your most recent interviews, reviews, radio appearances, blog mentions, etc.
  • Share the dates of your upcoming book readings, signings, speaking engagements, conferences, workshops, interviews, etc. with details so your fans can keep up with you.
  1. Create a Media Kit

The purpose of a media kit is to provide your information to the press or anyone wishing to profile or interview you. Having a thorough, professional looking media kit sets you a part. Be sure to make it an easy to find page on your site. The contents of a media kit can vary, but the following are a few of the basics:

  • Author bio and photo
  • Contact information
  • Information about the book, including a review and excerpt
  • Press release
  • Testimonials
  • Product Information
  • Potential Interview Questions

Which of these 10 essentials do you already have implemented on your website? How can you improve upon your current site? Or are you ready to start from scratch? Don’t let all of this information overwhelm you—take one step at a time.

If you put in the time and hard work, you’ll certainly see the benefits!



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