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Certa Publishing is the total package for new and experienced authors alike. With professionals in every department, from graphics to editing to layout and marketing, the author can relax knowing the job will be done right. One of the most helpful aspects is the personal project manager that works with you on the book from start to finish. I’ll be back with my next book. Highly recommended.

Matt Fore, Author of  “The Truth Shall Make You Laugh

Certa Publishing published my book, “Our Higher Calling,” and did a fantastic job all the way around. They guided me every step of the way. The price was very affordable. Cover design is outstanding. Other publishers have contacted me wanting to publish my next book. I can tell that they have seen my book – some of the largest in the country, but I’m staying with Certa. The staff at Certa is Christian and their character stands out. To them it’s a ministry. Certa is the best!

Pastor Sherrel Byrd, Jr., Author of “Our Higher Calling

I want to thank Certa Publishing from the depths of my heart for their diligent, efficient and professional work on all my books. They are a phenomenal publishing team that gives the author full control of decisions as their manuscript is transformed into an extraordinary book.

Dr. Patricia Elliott, Author of “Heaven or Hell…Your Choice,” “The Final Seven,” “I Am the God that Reveals,” and “The Seven Spirits of Yahweh

I published my first book with Certa Publishing, and being new to the process had no idea how to proceed. The people at Certa have guided me every step of the way and have been my greatest source of encouragement and assistance.

Janet Warren Lane,  Author of “Fiery Darts: Satan’s Weapon of Choice

While searching for someone to publish my book, I happened across Certa Publishing. I was won over by the passionate heart that came across the phone–but, then again, I know a good sales pitch–we are more into serving than just making money, we value excellence, our value system is to be personal with our clients–you know the rap. But, alas, I took the risk, and have learned that they mean what they said. Amazing and professional customer relations, a personal touch, excellence in their fabric. I’ve been impressed with the caliber of everyone on their team that I have met in the five years that I have worked with them. I have actually transferred another of my books to Certa because of their “faith” in my resources. I know they are doing all they can to get my books in the mainstream, and that is very heartening!

Bruce Lengeman, Author of “To Kill A Lion

I just want to “Praise God” for leading me to Certa Publishing! It was my dream to write a book specifically for men about seeking God’s heart and becoming that man of wisdom, integrity, character and grit. My new book (4th and Four) gave me that opportunity. Very soon my first book will be available in both hard copy and eBook form and I cannot thank Certa Publishing enough for their expertise in reviewing, editing and publishing my work.

If I could put it into a couple of words on what differentiates Certa from other Christian book publishers I would simply say this: “They Care More.”

I am now on an exciting journey to share and promote my book wherever God leads, and I know that I will be sharing the success of 4th and Four with Certa Publishing! Thanks, Certa, for an amazing experience!

Jim Phillips, Author of “4th and Four

I once read that writing a book is like wrestling a bear. I never understood the gravity of this accurate simile until I published my first two books. If you are in the process of writing a book, you’ll empathize. If you are in the process of trying to find the ideal publishing company to represent you and your manuscript, you’ll empathize even more.

My creative passion is inspirational writing, and my genre has been memoirs thus far. In 2013, I took this a step further in publishing my third book (Listen to Me) that is a faith-based memoir about one of my former students. I knew I needed to find a Christian publishing company that I could trust to do everything possible to help me bring this book to fruition and to promote it with energetic sincerity. I found such a group of people when I began working with my team at Certa Publishing.

I connected immediately the first time I had phone conversations with Jennifer Smothers (CEO) and two of her staff members, Monica and Sheila. Their professional skills, attention to detail, and communicative prowess are absolutely stellar. I honestly feel like I’ve known my team for years. I’m in the process of writing a fourth book and wouldn’t consider working with anyone else. In fact, I’m not sure that I would have pursued this most recent writing project were it not for knowing first-hand that I am working with the best. There is a sense of peace and security in knowing this.

Beth Huffman,  Author of “Listen to Me

Certa Publishing has been a solid rock to cling to during the complex publishing process. They have guided me each step of the way from my decision to publish my devotional study book to completion. Their expertise has been invaluable and they have prayed for me, cheered me and applauded my growth with the confidence that a parent shows to their developing child. Thanks Certa for serving me so well and helping me to get God’s words out to so many. I am looking forward to publishing my second book with you next year!

Linda Knight, Author of “Fearless Living

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing you experience with Certa publishers. It has given me hope to believe God has children that still live out what he said. Love your neighbor as yourself. Thank you.


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