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The Certa Holiday Gift Guide has something for everyone on your list!

Grandparenting Today's Teens
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leadership endurance

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Keeping Kyla

Kyla finds much more than a summer job at Wynnbury House. This intriguing narrative will draw you in with its powerful story of healing and restoration.


Parenting Today’s Teens: A Devotional for Dads

These one-page devotions will give you the wisdom and assurance you need to guide your teen through these years and reach the other side with relationships intact.


Wesley Out West

Young Wesley Walrus leaves his ice home to travel on an adventure to Big West, where the citizens expect Wesley to save them. Can he?


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Announcement: JPL Books acquires Certa Publishing


certa logoCerta Publishing is excited to announce the next season in our company’s journey. After much prayer and thought, we have accepted an acquisition offer from our longtime vendor JPL Books and our sale to them was made complete just after the new year. In a recent letter to the company’s authors, former Certa CEO Jennifer Smothers shared the following:

Great thought and prayer went in to deciding who would be the best fit to serve you and our other great authors going forward. Matt Landheer is one of the owners of JPL Books, our fulfillment, distribution and printing source in Michigan. We have worked closely with his companies for years as our vendor in bringing excellence to our authors in the many facets of printing and distribution. Matt’s family of companies has purchased Certa, and I can’t be happier on behalf of our authors, who I have grown to love and respect!

Certa Publishing authors will now have expanded distribution, sales, marketing, and other services to help your books go to the next level of success. Pat and Sheila McGuffin will continue serving you at this next level, and will continue to be your main points of contact.

For me, it has been one of the greatest honors of my life, to serve you, as someone who God has placed His message in your heart, and you were faithful to get it published. At this time, I will be focusing more on my three children, as the Lord has given me that awesome responsibility in this season of life. The friendships forged, and messages transformed into books will always be carried in my heart!

JPL_Books_Color_LogoJPL Books and their family of companies have been serving the Christian publishing market for decades through design, print, bindery, and distribution. In recent years, they have broadened their horizons to market books to trade and other accounts, to invest in new equipment and expand their print capabilities, and to learn as much as they possibly can about the publishing and book-selling world.

Certa’s new CEO Matt Landheer recently contacted the company’s authors with this message:

What an honor Certa Publishing has had to serve you with the messages God has given you to deliver in book form. As part of Certa’s new ownership, I can’t tell you how much I look forward to joining the team to help you go to the next level with your current books and any new ones you may author!

Time spent with Jennifer Smothers, and Pat and Sheila McGuffin have shown me that the bar is high – a place where I am committed to keeping it in serving you. Pat and Sheila will be staying on in their roles with Certa Publishing and now will have expanded resources and teams to help in the publishing, printing, and marketing of your books.

At the end of the day, my goal is for you to be comfortable with this transition, pleased with our expanded services, and supported in the ways you deserve. Pat, Sheila, and Jen have spoken to me of many of your stories, and my excitement is peaked to serve you with the same growing heart of excellence.

As you can see, the future is bright for Certa Publishing under its new ownership. We look forward to what God will do!