“Are You Attackable?”


When lightning strikes your peaceful and predictable life, how do you respond?
Do you grip the hem of Jesus’s garment in the face of betrayal, sickness, hardship, or debt, or do you allow the enemy to tear you away from your relationship with God? The Bible is full of stories of men and women who came under attack and emerged victorious, because they chose God.

Your time to prepare for battle is now. The Biblical principles in Are You Attackable? by David Judson will help strengthen your relationship with God, as you stand against the enemy’s schemes.

Available as a paperback for $15.99 and as an ebook for only $6.99.

“Making Sense Out of Life”


When your life has been shaken, what practical steps can you take to turn things around? How long has it been since you really moved forward in your life? Imagine your life FINALLY changing in a positive manner. If you are ready for such a change, then these proven answers are for you!

This book by Patrick J. McGuffin is a fast and easy read filled with useful insights to help you start moving forward now.

Available as a paperback for $12.95 and as an ebook for only $5.99.


How are you going to spend these forty days of Lent?

Reading Scripture? Fasting? Are you taking on a daily act of service or outreach to others?

One of our authors, Linda Knight, is taking on the task of blogging everyday – follow her blog to read along: daybydayfearlessliving.com

Tell us how you’re prayerfully preparing for the heartbreaking and heart-mending climax of the Christian year — the crucifixion and resurrection of our Savior.


“Andrew in Miss Plum’s Class”


Are you looking for a children’s book that teaches Christian values and contains adventure, mystery, and comedy? Look no further! Andrew in Miss Plum’s Class by Karen Jones is a great read for children ages 7-9 and adults of all ages. Join Andrew, a 3rd grader, as he learns how to treat others and find true happiness after his family is divided.

Available as a paperback for $11.99 and as an ebook for only $5.99.

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