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We love that our authors are always doing what they do best… writing! Here is a fantastic example by Bruce Lengeman, author and marriage counselor. His recent blog post 10 Principles of Successful Servanthood offers some wonderful counsel for those under authority. We think this would be an excellent list to share with a teenager who is learning to work diligently. But the truth is that we can all improve in this area!

The following points are to help you become responsible, efficient, diligent, and trustworthy, thus helping you to be successful in every arena of life. Learn this and you will bless your children with the same.

1. DO NOT DELAY your work assignment. When given an assignment, the servant is responsible for following through on that assignment either at the time designated, or the first available opportunity.

When you delay, you may find yourself being distracted later and then say, “I couldn’t perform the command, for it rained.” I will answer you, “You were not diligent when the job could have been done, before the rain.” Remember, “Slow obedience is no obedience.” A task is to be completed ON TIME. If you are told to be home in an hour, do not come home in an hour and one minute. If you are told to do this by Thursday, don’t do it on Friday. Every morning does not mean every afternoon.

2. NEVER SAY, I forgot, rather say, your command was not important enough to remember.

In life, forgetting duties is always irresponsible. Should you have a problem remembering, write yourself a note.

3. PERFORM the assignment as instructed. Listen closely to each instruction and detail as it is given. Ask questions if in doubt, for the job is not to be done according to your way, but according to the way of the one who assigned the job.

Do each assignment according to the heart of your authority, and not according to the technicality of the words. Again, if in doubt, ask questions.

4. DO YOUR BEST to overcome all obstacles that hinder completion of the job you are assigned.

If a tool breaks, fix it if you can. If another need beckons, return as soon as possible to finish the job. If the paint runs out, find, borrow, or buy more. Try diligently to resolve problems—not weak, half-hearted attempts. You will learn the most when you apply wisdom and determination to overcome a difficulty.

5. A CHORE is not completed until every last detail of the job is done.

If cleaning dishes, clean out the sink before you quit. If fixing something, put away all the tools where and how they belong. Never do a chore 99%, but 100%.

6. CERTAIN RESPONSIBILITIES are permanent and need not to be re-assigned.

When I say, keep your room clean, I will also say, this is for all times, forever, never to change. Or I will say, Do not EVER let your possessions lay around the house after you are finished using them, for it is never your mother’s or father’s duty to pick up after you. Do not think that because a regular responsibility is not checked upon or inspected that you have been freed from that responsibility, such as, Keep your dresser drawers neat–at all times.

7. A TASK IS NOT acceptably completed unless it is performed well.

Synonyms for well are neat, clean, good, best, thorough, exact, wholehearted, excellent, proper. Silly excuses for poor work will be disregarded.

8. DON’T QUIT a task before you complete it because of an “acceptable obstacle” without telling your authority for permission.

Perhaps your authority may be able to help you find more time to assist you in finishing the task.

9. BE BRISK with your work; do not be sluggish.

The diligent man does in one hour what a sloth does in four. Overview your work at the beginning and organize it to be executed in the most efficient way possible. Do not take unnecessary breaks or be distracted foolishly.

10. BE A WORTHY servant. A worthy servant is twofold, doing more than what was instructed, and going the extra mile to do what you were not asked to do.

Do not expect extra privileges for obedience but earn privileges by being a worthy servant. Develop a lifestyle of going the extra mile to serve, help, and labor.

Bruce Lengeman has been in Christian ministry since 1976. He and his wife Ruthie have been actively teaching a variety of life-building seminars and classes, including marriage conferences, inner healing conferences, leadership courses, and more.Bruce’s recent emphasis is challenging men to be all they can be and to walk in sexual wholeness. He was a professional counselor for several years and pastored in a variety of ways in several churches. 

Bruce has authored several books, including Come Alive to her Her Heart. This book is practical, filled with the author’s personal testimonials of how he learned, through failure and experience, to nurture a happy, healthy partner for life. Written for husbands but wives will benefit, too!

Marriage: A missing piece

Who better than a marriage counselor to offer us advice on our most important relationship? Bruce Lengeman has spent the last four decades equipping couples to stay committed and thrive for the long haul. Today he shares a recent trend he’s seen in his counseling. Maybe this “missing piece” is just what your marriage needs to move forward:

Many women think it’s a lost art.

An antiquated value.

A part of being a man that is no longer part of being a man. It starts with the letter C. Can any of you guess what it is. Let me give you some clues:

Ruthie and I have been doing marriage counseling for decades. What we learned in the counseling room motivated me to write Come Alive To Her Heart: A Challenge for Married Men on Emotional ConnectingLikely in the top five problems of marriage would be the wife who is suffering for lack of emotional connecting from her husband. It’s a real common problem. Our culture doesn’t do a good job teaching men how to hold, heal, protect, nurture, and fulfill the female need for heart-to-heart connection.

There are two problems, though, in addressing this one issue. The first is that the problem with emotional blockades in a marriage is not always the man’s fault. Wives can de-motivate men to connect with their heart by being controlling, emotionally needy (like a bucket with holes), micro-managing, and a host of other things. Ruthie actually addresses some of these things in my book.

The second problem in addressing this issue is the mystery of manhood. Many similar books designed for men have tried, in my words, to feminize men–perhaps even to convince them to be touchy-feely in a way men were not designed to be. I say in my introduction: If you read this book and get the idea that I am male-bashing, I have failed. The onus of responsibility is not wholly on the male part of the marriage to create a wholesome intimacy—both are privileged to become one in heart through understanding each other’s heart, and how God made their spouse.

Oh yes, the lost art I addressed in the beginning! The word is chivalry. Chivalry is a code of ethics that was part of culture many centuries ago. A chivalrous man is one who is courageous, honorable, just, and always alert to help those who are weak or hurting. In marriage he is someone who supplies for his wife what she needs in order to be emotionally healthy. Though I won’t stereotype men in these terms, chivalrous men are ofter thought to be men who might call home when away, who still opens car doors for his wife, who values her need to connect verbally (well, not ALL her need to talk! Ha!). A chivalrous man stands up for his wife when she is accused, treated unfairly. He is conscientious of how he treats her in a disagreement, or in a conflict.

I don’t mention chivalry in my book, but at times I think going back I would have. But alas, the challenge still stands for men to step up to the plate and tune into the heart of the God-given spouse who sleeps next to him. The true Godly expression of manhood is often described as both steel and velvet.

A wife needs both from her husband.

We are excited about Mr. Lengeman’s new release. Want to learn more? Watch this recent YouTube interview:

Come Alive To Her Heart focuses on the velvet aspect of being a mature man, especially as it relates to marriage. This book is practical, filled with the author’s personal testimonials of how he learned, through failure and experience, to nurture a happy, healthy partner for life. Written for husbands but wives will benefit, too!

68 pages | $9.99

Bruce Lengeman has been active in building lives for over four decades as a pastor, professional counselor, author, business consultant, leadership mentor, and conference speaker. Bruce has a special passion to call men to their potential and live in purity as effective influencers.

Connect with Bruce on Facebook here

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Bruce Lengeman

Bruce and Ruthie Lengeman have been in Christian ministry since they got married in 1976. They have been active in teaching a variety of life-building seminars and classes, including marriage conferences, inner healing conferences, leadership courses, and more.

profile-imageBruce’s recent emphasis is challenging men to be all they can be and to walk in sexual wholeness. He was a professional counselor for several years and pastored in a variety of ways in several churches. Most recently, he was the Pastor of ACTS Covenant Fellowship in Lancaster, PA, where he and Ruthie now serve as the Senior Leader Couple. He has since been released from full-time pastoring to develop his teaching and training focus.

Ruthie assists Bruce in his teaching and mentoring ministry and loves challenging and mentoring women. Bruce and Ruthie have nine children and eleven (1)to_kill_a_lion_265x400_01 (1)god_do_you_play_265x400_01





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Paul Wilbur

wilbur_ministries_paul_wilbur_bio_banner1_fm1lc1Paul Wilbur, internationally-acclaimed worship artist, song writer, pastor and teacher, unpacks the “Calendar of the Kingdom” in a way that reunites Christians with their Jewish foundations in a crystal-clear understanding of who we are in Christ and how the Father intends for us to successfully and joyfully walk in His Kingdom.

Paul’s most recent project is a worship album that was recorded live from Jerusalem. Roar from Zion is available for pre-order now.

When Mr. Wilbur isn’t recording or writing, he can be found hosting his First Fridays event at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida, which includes dynamic worship alongside strong Biblical teaching centered on the Jewish roots of our faith.
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Several of Paul Wilbur’s titles are available from Certa Books.